Purchase Possibilities


All photographs on this site can be purchased.  Please contact me for pricing and ideas for use of images.  Besides art prints, any image can be made into woven blankets, coasters, mugs, note cards, etc…

All original paintings are for sale also.  Pricing varies, depending on the size of the image and whether framing is to be included.  These too can be made into digital prints for use on other items.  The pricing would be as if it were a photograph.

If you see an image you like but wish that it was of your house, business, pet, yard, view, etc… I will do commission photos or paintings.  These could be turned into digitally printed items of your choosing.

And one last option… if you have an image digital or not that you would like ‘worked on’ to enhance it or turn it into something special, that service is available also.


Contact me at: email Barbara

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